1 Day in Kuala Lumpur


“Yes you can do Kuala Lumpur in 1 day.  If you have a long layover (6-12 hrs), get out of the airport and go for it”

I arrived to Kuala Lumpur around 7:30am by overnight (KTM #24) train from Singapore (about 7 hours ride).  The first-class sleeper train costs RM135/$44/person, equipped with private shower/toilet, LCD TV, foods and towel services.  Click here on how to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train.  It is the best train I have ever been on in term of great facilities and services.  However, I did not get a chance to enjoy my cabin much, as I was so tired from a day earlier in Singapore.  I just had a quick shower and went to sleep right away.

The train brought me to KL Sentral (a transfer point for major rail systems here in KL).  I only had 1 day here as I was scheduled on the 11PM train to Butterworth/Penang.  In order not to waste any seconds,  I quickly got myself some Ringgits and rushed to the left luggage counter on the 2nd floor to leave my backpacks (RM5/$1.65 for a large bag, open 8:00 – 22:30).  There are also self storage lockers on the first floor right under the stairs, which opens all the time.

KL Sentral Left Luggage

KL Sentral Left Luggage

Skytrain in Kuala Lumpur

Skytrain, Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers From Outside

Petronas  Twin Towers:  I took LRT Kelana Jaya Line (RM1.60/$0.50) to  KL City Centre (KLCC) to visit one of world tallest building, the Petronas Twin Towers.  The train arrived right under the Petronas Towers/KLCC shopping complex.  I got to the ticket window at 8:15am and was not surprised to see a long queue that already formed.  The ticket counter opens at 8:30am and I got my ticket #92 around 9:15am for the 1pm tour (As of March 2014 RM80/$25).   It is possible to get the tickets 1 day earlier for the morning tour group or also to book online at http://www.petronastwintowers.com.my.  The Petronas closes on Monday.   I then left KLCC and went to see Little India and Chinatown (see below), which are only a couple of stations away.

About 15-20 people were assigned in one group to go up the tower.  The elevator took us to 41st floor, where the 2 towers are joined by double deck skybridge.  The guide will let you spend about 15 mins here before continuing to the 86rd floor.  The 86th floor observatory deck is also a small museum showing the history of the towers, how it was built, and  how it compares to other top towers around the world.   The view was really impressive even though it was an overcast day.  Batu Cave can be seen from here.  The complete tour was about 45mins.  It is a must do in KL.

Petronas Twin Towers Observatory Deck

View From Petronas Twin Towers Observatory

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge








Malaysian Food Kaula Lumpur

Cheap Malaysian Food in Kaula Lumpur


Little India/China Town: After getting my Petronas ticket, I took the train to Masjid Jamek Station and walked down to Pasar Seni Station, which is basically the full Little India/China Town walking tour as recommend by most guide book.  Outside Masjid Jamek Station, KL really feels just like Bangkok’s Sukumvit area.  I found a local restaurant and had breakfast for RM8/$2.60 (curry, fish, rice, coke, and roti).   I then walked to Masjid Jamek mosque, Sultan Abdul Samad building, Merdeka square, National History Museum, and then Chinatown.  I thought the Sultan Abdul building was impressive looking and the National History Museum was worthwhile.  The Chinatown is just like any other Chinatown you ever seen.  The walk was about 2 hrs and completed just in time for  my 1pm Petronas tour (see above).

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves:  Batu Caves is a Hindu cave temple 8 miles north of KL.  The lonely planet book and staff at Petronas said there is no train to Batu Cave; however, the LRT staff inside KLCC station said there is a KTM Komuter train from Sentral to Batu Caves.  The train costed only RM2/person/one way.  Most blogs and guidebooks suggested getting there by bus ,and taxi would ask 80RM for a KLCC-Batu round trip.  The train took 30 mins and stops right infront of the cave!

The world’s tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity, is located outside the cave.  The limestone forming the caves is said to be more than 400 million years old.  It was beautiful and cool inside.  No fee was collected but they accept donation.  Beware of monkeys walking around and trying to get foods from you!  The steps up to the caves were a nice little workout.  Inside the main cave area are numerous shrines.   There were guided deep cavern tours available, which I wish I could have done if I had more time.


Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves Interior

I got back to KL Sentral around 5PM, where I would catch an overnight train to Butterworth.  Next to the train station are the Hilton and the Le Meridian hotel.  I went inside the Le Meridian to use the free WI-FI and ended up having a glass of Rieslings to cool down my day.   It was around 6pm and I was back to the train station looking for something to eat for dinner. There are many stores, restaurants, and other facilities including self storage locker and public shower (RM5/$1.60, 6am-9pm daily) on the first floor.  The shower was clean, but a little creepy when I used it.  I guess it was late (8pm) and only 1 other person was using it at that time.  The 3rd floor of KL Sentral is a food court where I had another delicious meal for RM10.  The KTM #22 train arrived at 11pm.  I made my way to my 2nd class sleeper (RM40/$13), and I was on my way to Butterworth.  My stall in the 2nd class sleeper was spacious and very comfortable.  Train travel in Malaysia is very safe, clean, but definitely bring a sweater and long pants as the AC can be pretty cold at night.





  1. Hi Escapetraveler,

    We have a flight to Singapore next year. We will arrive in Singapore at night time and I’m planning to cross the border to Malaysia so we can be in Malaysia during the day and go back to singapore to spend the remaining days of my vacation in SG.

    I would like to know if crossing the boarder from SG will not give us any trouble on the first day of our trip to SG? or

    Do we need to stay first in SG and then cross the border on the second day?


    • People cross the border right after their flight all the time. Don’t see it as a problem.

  2. My brother recommended I may like this blog. He was once totally right.

    This submit truly made my day. You cann’t consider simply how so much time
    I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  3. Hy escapetraveler, Sorry for the question, not really an expert traveller, and first time in Asia, it is safe for two women (european) to visit KL, I read about crazy taxi drivers, Snatch-thieves, Pick pockets …..I need some good advices.
    Is it that bad?

    • Cri,

      KL and most of Malaysia is very safe. More than most other countries. However, just have some precaution. Two women is fine.

  4. We are heading there in a few days and we’re just wanting to know how much the cave tours are? And what we should look for?

    • You don’t need a guided tour or anything. The entrance fee is small. Just pay entrance and walk right in

  5. How long does it take from KL Sentral to Batu Caves? How long did you wait for the train going to Batu Caves?

    I’ll be arriving at around 6am in KL is it okay for me to book a bus back to SG at around 9? If I’ll be following your itinerary? I’m sorry I’m quite confused, so you’re done at around 5pm and you’re just waiting for your train at 11pm

    Hope you can help me! Thank you 😀

    • Train is 30 minutes to Batucave. Waiting is 10 minutes. We spend about 1 hr at Batu. You will have plenty of time. You can be back to KL Sent raluca at 6pm and then go to dinner close by or in other area and still make it to your bus

  6. Hi where did you book your train? Online? May i know the website. Thank you..

  7. Hi! Thanks for your blog, this would help me with my trip next year.

    I just need some help. 🙂

    I will be boarding AirAsia and will have 10h40m layover in Kuala Lumpur. Will arrive by 10:35 and my next flight will be 21:15. It’s a connecting flight, so I assume that the airlines would be the one in charge with my baggage. Am I right? (Question 1)

    Planning to visit Batu Caves and Twin Towers, just like you. Perhaps I can schedule my tour in Twin Towers by 1 pm? (Question 2)

    Can I fit in Batu Caves in my itinerary? Would I arrive the airport before 21:15? (Ques 3)

    Many thanks! 🙂

    • Yes, less than 24 hr, airline has your luggage. 1pm twin tower should good. Yes, u can still do Bath and likely be back at airport by 18 or 19

  8. hi escape traveler thank you for this blog it helped me a lot to decide whether to go or not to go to KL for 1 day tour. i think i will just follow and do the same thing that you did 🙂 but Im just concern about one thing , is it safe if i travel there alone? i will also ride a train from SG . will i enjoy KL even if i am alone? thank you again! God bless

    • Singapore and Malaysia is very safe and yes you can travel alone. KL is a busy city and you can enjoy it and have fun even while traveling alone

  9. Hi escapetraveller! Would like to ask how will I go back from KL Sentral to Singapore via train,, do I need reservation? Will travel this Nov 17-20, 2015 to SG and I’m planning on spending Nov 19 touring KL(wanna go to Petronas and Batu Cave too) thou my Nov 20 flight back to Manila from SG is 9am. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I have an 8 hours layover in KL from Phuket. Is it still possible for me to go around the city centre and look around PETRONAS Tower? I will be arriving 4pm in KL and flight to Perth @ 12:05AM.
    Thanks for any input.

  11. Hi

    On Sun 08 Mar 2015, 1215 hrs ( 12:15PM), I will be landing on KLA airoport and I want to have city tour like visiting the TWIN TOWERS etc . How to get the temporary visa and what is the cost in INR ?

    Please note : my next flight will be at 10:35 pm.

  12. please let me know if we can visit genting highlands & the kl site seeing in one day or not ?

    • No, I think that is impossible to do in 1 day. I think you can do most of KL in 1 day and you should keep it to that only.

  13. Hi escapetraveler..I’m planning to do a 1 day tour in kuala lumpur from singapore by getting on a train from woodlands that leaves at 11:30 pm next week. May i ask what train i should ride and what time it departs going back to singapore?

    • It departs going back around 11 pm at night. There is only one overnight train back, so you cannot miss it.

  14. Hi,

    I have booked a ticket to visit Petronas Towers at 9.15am.., after the sleeper train from SG arrive at 7am,

    Is there a map available at KL sentral for me to tour around KL ?

    U mentioned in your post that there are guided tours for the deep caverns in Batu Caves , how long would they take ? I

    • After reaching KL Sentral at 0730 hrs in the morning, I went to deposit my stuff in the locker for RM 5. Then i took the monorail to KLCC to visit Petronas Twin towers. Having booked a ticket online at its website, I was able to skip the long queue and went straight to counter 3. I was given the ticket and told to check in 15 minutes earlier.

      I was taken to the Skybridge first where I was given about 15 minutes to view and take photos etc.

      Then I was taken to the Observation deck to view and take photos for about 30 minutes, before being brought down to the first floor to view the gift shop and purchase the photo (RM 50 for one) taken by the photographer of myself with Petronas Towers in the background upon entering at check in counter.

      I then took the train back to KL Sentral and went to level 3 food court to have my lunch before taking the KTM Komuter train to Batu Caves.

      After visiting Ramayana cave, then temple Hill (climbing 272 steps) , Dark Caves (guided group tour), and finally Cave Villa, I took the train back to KL station and walked over to Chinatown, visited the chinese temple (Guan Di) and Merdeka Square area. Then I took the GOKL free shuttle bus which took me back to KL Sentral station at 2040 hrs.

    • You can get the map from info desk at KL Sentral. I do not remember proce for the deep cavern tour, but it is not that much

  15. Thank you so much for this useful info.

  16. Hi, I need some advice. Im a Filipino, going to SG for 9 days. and I am planning to take a solo tour in KL for a day. Would it be difficult for me to return to SG? My return ticket is from SG-Manila. I read a blog where the traveler exit SG to KL and return after a day, so the Malaysian immigration questioned him(because the traveler might want to extend his SG visit pass) and the immigration officer asked him to just fly to MLA via KL. In the end they paid him, if i recalled it right, $50. What would be your input on this? Can I still tour KL in a day, or should I stay for a day or 2 instead before returning to SG(I dont plan on a 2 day trip, anyway 🙁 ? Thanks so much

    • Sounds like that immigration officer is a crook. I take your chance on it and hope you don’t run into same crook

  17. thank you for the very detailed sharing. we would like to follow your route for our 2days in KL. we then will travel by train to kempas baru for the legoland. Is the nite train#25 comparable to the train between KL and Singapore? it also takes about 7 hours. would you rather suggest to travel to singapore first and then go to legoland? thank you in advance.

  18. Hi, Thanks a lot for the info, I shall be following same itinerary. But I need info of taking rail/bus from KL international airport to Palace of Golden Horses, alan Kuda Emas, MINES Resort City, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia..Can you please tell me

  19. Very Useful ,was not aware of the fact that we can book the tickets for Petronas towers .

  20. Hello! My friend and I are going to visit KL next year. We also want to visit Singapore. Is it possible to travel from KL to SG around 1am? We want to explore SG first and spend a day in KL on the day of our flight back home.

  21. Hi, I will be arriving at KL by 11:30am, Dec 6. Where is the cheapest place to stay for overnight?Would it be fine if I travel from KL to Singapore since my flight going back to our country is on Dec 9 at 9:00pm?

    I am planning to tour in KL at first 2 days then by night will travel to SG and will go back to KL on Dec 9 at noon.

    Please advise.

    • Plenty of place you can find on Agoda. You can make that trip and timing work. I would go to Singapore 1st then come back to do kl, so u dont miss flight

  22. Hi thank you for so much info.we will have one day in kl and will arrive to klia2 and will stay in klcc i need your suggestion that when we arrive should we go to direct kl sentral to batu cave or direct to klcc then batu cave? so if we go to direct kl sentral then batu cave when we come back to do we need to go back kl central again for going to klcc.. thanks

  23. Hi Escapetraveler! I really like your site! It’s very informative! Here is my concern, we are five adults and 1 kid in a group and we will be travelling to Singapore & Malaysia for 5 days. Our port of arrival and departure is both Singapore. From Singapore, we are planning to visit KL, Batu Caves and Chinatown in Malaysia. Would you suggest us to take a bus or train ride? We are planning to do this transfer over night so as not to waste our time in visiting these cool places. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • It really is a matter of preference. If you can sleep on train, then the overnight train provide a full flat bed, and you are moving while you are sleeping. The bus is a nice reclining chair, but it is not fully flat. The bus will get you there faster (4.5 hours), but it means you may not get full sleep. The train is 6-7 hours, and you will get full sleep. Our preference is the train for overnight. If you are going during day time, then bus.

  24. Hi! I am a Filipino and I am going to Singapore this coming Dec
    From Dec 1 to Dec 11 I have to travel to Malaysia by train on Dec 11 because my return ticket is from KL to Manila is it okay to travel to Singapore but my return ticket from KL to Manila does the immigration will ask still a return ticket Singapore to Manila though I will be exciting Singapore on the 11th of Dec. then going back from KL to Manila? thanks a lot

  25. Hello,

    we are having a workshop in Kuala Lumpur over this weekend and we are thinking of traveling to Singapore. Do you organize 1 day tour from KL to Singapore? if yes, could you please provide me the price. We prefer going at night.
    Cheers, Hany

  26. i will be reaching kualalumper at 7.00am on26/08/14 from mumbai and will be catching flight to adelaide at10.20pm please advice me on sight seeing tour in KL as i have layoff for full day will i require transit visa iam indian and have australian visa

    • Sham,

      I think you can follow this article, which will give you a quick 1 day highlight of KL. You will be exhausted by end of the day, so it is an active schedule

      • At last! Someone with real exiestpre gives us the answer. Thanks!

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