Getting to Machu Picchu – How to get to Machu Picchu, Peru

Getting to Machu Picchu on your own is quite easy, but it does require advance planning.    Machu Picchu lay hidden from the world for such a long time because its location is fairly remote and inaccessible.  Because of its remote location and multiple connections required, many tourists are often confused on how to get there, and often settle for the expensive package tour from Lima or Cuzco.  Contrary to popular believes, you don’t need to hike through mountains to get to Machu Picchu, and most senior citizens with decent health can do the trip.  Forget the Machu Picchu package tour; you can do it on your own cheaply by following the steps below.

Machu Picchu Sunrise - From Guard House

Machu Picchu – From the Guard House

Machu Picchu Llama

Machu Picchu Llama








Step 1 – Get to Lima, Peru (This is easily done with many international flights

Step 2 – Get from Lima to Cuzco

  • By Air – Recommended way, takes 1hr 20 mins, and prices as low as US$70-80 each way with advance booking.  Flights can be booked online at,,, or   Star Peru and Peruvian Air are among the cheapest, and their planes are really nice.

Step 3 –  Getting from Cuzco to Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes) Aguas Calientes is a town at the base of Machu Picchu and where the train station and lodgings are. There are no road to Machu Picchu and train/hiking the Inca Trails are the only way to get there.  We will only cover the train option below as hikes must be with a guided group tour (approx. US$450-650 for the 4-days hike option).

Most tourists spend a couple of days in Cuzco, touring the city and the Sacred Valley before heading to Machu Picchu.  Many people do get altitude sickness as Cuzco is 11,203 ft. (3,395m) above sea level.  Cuzco is at much higher elevation than Machu Picchu; thus, an alternate but less taken itinerary (to help prevent altitude sickness) is to head straight to Machu Picchu after your plane lands in Cuzco and then work your way back to Cuzco.

While in Cuzco, you can find many 1 or 2 days packaged tour to Machu Picchu ($US270-350), 4 days Inca Trail Hike (US$450-650), half-day Cuzco city tour (US$10-15 or S./25-40), or 1 day Sacred Valley tour (US$12-20 or S./30-50).   The Cuzco city tour and the Sacred Valley tour are highly recommended, but don’t bother with the expensive Machu Picchu package tour as you can do it yourself as follows.  

Train to Machu Picchu - Cuzco to Machu Picchu byTrain

Train to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Train - Train to Machu Picchu - Peru Rail

Inside Machu Picchu Train

Option 1 – Cuzco to Machu Picchu by Train – Currently Perurail is the only operator offering the services from Cuzco.  There are 3 classes of services (Expedition, Vistadome, Hiram Bingham), cheapest ticket at US$73 (one-way), and is about 3.5 hrs. trip.  Expedition used to be called Backpacker (don’t be fooled by the name, it would be one of the nicest train you have taken).  Tickets can be booked online at  A downside to this option is the limited train schedules (only 4 trains per day and all leave in early morning).   If you have the morning flight from Lima and wants to go straight to Machu Picchu, you cannot catch these trains.

Option 2 – Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu by Train –  This option requires bus/taxi/van to Ollantaytambo and then train to Machu Picchu.  It is the cheapest option with tickets as low as US$52 (one-way), and about 2 hrs. ride.  Also, there are many more trains to choose from, and you can catch this train if you arrive to Cuzco on the morning flight, and want to go straight to Machu Picchu.  The Cuzco-Machu Picchu trains also fill up quickly, so this is a good alternative.  Ollantaytambo (65km from Cuzco) is along a scenic paved road.  It is a very lovely town, and it is recommended to spend 1- 2 here and slow down to soak up the basic lifestyle.  Ollantaytambo temples and ruins are also a must visit, and are usually part of the Sacred Valley day-tour package.  Follow the methods below to get from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo.

Ollantaytambo - Peru - Ollantaytambo Temple

Lovely town of Ollantaytambo – Peru

Cuzco - Sacred Valley - Peru - Andes Mountain Range

Scenic ride, Cusco to Ollantaytambo








    • Ollantaytambo - Sacred Valley - Peru

      Ollantaytambo Streets

      Taxi – from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo will take 90 mins (US$30 or S./80).

    • Bus – You can also take the bus from the first block of Av. Grau near the bridge (US$1.50, 90 minutes) to Urubamba and then hop another bus for the 20-minute, US$1 ride to Ollantaytambo.
    • Colectivo Van – The most convenient option is to take a colectivo van from the Paradero Pavitos (US$3.50 or S./10, 90 minutes) to Ollantaytambo.  Colectivo leaves when full, and often within 10-15 mins of waiting.  These are nice vans.
Cuzco to Ollantaytambo Colectivo - How to get to Ollantaytambo From Cuzco

The Colectivo vans

There are 2 train operators from Ollantaytambo ( or  Book online in advance as trains fill up quickly, especially the evening return train from Macchu Piccu to Ollantaytambo or Cuzco (don’t even think about walking up at last minute to get these return tickets).

When booking your trains, remember that Aguas Calientes is a small town at the base of Machu Picchu and where the Machu Picchu train station is.  This is also where you can spend the night cheaply as sleeping at Machu Picchu itself will drop you (US$700/night).  Not much in Aguas Calientes, but do spend the afternoon walking around and enjoy a dip in the hot springs (US$4 or S./10).

Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Peru

Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu, Peru

Step 4 – Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu entranceFrom Aguas Calientes you have to take a short 20 mins bus ride, through multiple scenic switchbacks up to Machu Picchu.  The fit can hike up for free in about 2 hrs., but not recommended as you should save your energy for Machu Picchu itself.  Bus runs 5:30am – 5:30pm, at 10 mins interval depending on demand, and tickets (US $9 each way, US$17 foreign adult round-trip) are available from a small ticket booth near the bus departure area near Plazaa Principal (center of town, opens at 5:15am).  Machu Picchu entrance opens from 6am-6pm but the last return bus from Machu Picchu leaves at 5:30PM (don’t miss it!)

Step 5 – Getting your tickets to Machu Picchu –  Machu Picchu tickets are NOT sold at the entrance gate and MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE.  Advance ticketing are available from the official government website (, various ticket offices noted on that website, travel agency, most hostels, or from Aguas Calientes Cultural Center (5:15AM-9PM at Plazaa Principal), or  in Cusco at the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC).

General entrance (US$50 or S./128) are limited to 2500/day, with entrance to Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Montana (US$55-59 or S./142-152, hikes to the top 2 peaks of Machu Picchu) being sub limited to 400/day.  Book early as Huayna Picchu often filled 2 wks. in advance.  The Government Site lists how many tickets are still available for each day. There are discounts for children, students with an ISIC card, and Peruvian nationals. Tickets are valid only for 1 day so you will have to buy a new one if you want to see Machu Picchu a 2nd day.  Be sure to bring your ORIGINAL PASSPORT, as it is requested upon entry.

As of October 6, 2012 the online site is NOT accepting foreign credit cards. You must go through a travel agency or hotel in Peru or pay at any Banco de la Nacion, otherwise your reservation will expire within 6 hours and you will lose your spot.  For those with limited time in Peru and want to secure tickets in advance (especially for Huayna Picchu), try  They charge a minor 20% mark up, you can pay with your foreign credit cards, and print your tickets.

Machu Picchu - Temple of the Sun

Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun

Machu Picchu Peru at Sunrise

Machu Picchu Peru at Sunrise







Step 6 – Enjoying Machu Picchu and the Return Trip – You can see all of Machu Picchu in about 5-8 hrs depending on how fast you walk and whether you do the Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Montana hike (2-3 hrs round trip).  Below are some useful tips.

  • Machu Picchu - Nusta's Bedroom

    Machu Picchu – Nusta’s Bedroom

    Best view of Machu Picchu is at sunrise (6-6:30am).  Stay in Aguas Calientes the night before and be on the 1st few bus up to Machu Picchu.  Book your bus ticket the day before and arrive at bus station around 5am as long lines will form.

  • Do the Huayna Picchu 10-11am option.  Spend the scenic morning time taking photos/touring Machu Picchu, then hike up Huayna Picchu for a lunch stop up top.
  • Machu Picchu Montana is a longer hike than Huayna Picchu but a good alternative if you can’t get the Huayna Picchu tickets.
  • Only small packs (less than 20 liters) are allowed in the park, luggage storage available at the entrance.  Sunscreens, a hat, and water are must bring.
  • Food at Machu Picchu is expensive (US$11 for a burger).  Buy food/water from Aguas Calientes and hope it doesn’t get confiscated at the entrance.
  • Allow enough time to catch the bus and your return train.  Remember that return trains are often full, so if you miss it, you likely have to stay overnight.
  • If you do the return train to Ollantaytambo, there would be many Colectivo vans (S./10) waiting for you to take you back to Cuzco (even if you get there at 8:30pm, but likely not at 11pm)

Share your Machu Picchu experiences or leave questions/comments below!  Click LIKE if you want to go!

See Video of How to Get to Machu Picchu Below


  1. I’ve been dreaming of going to Machu Picchu for so long! Thank you for this awesome article! The desire is stronger than ever!

  2. Thank you for the information, it was very helpful and straight forward.
    I will be in Lima from November 5th-November 11. But from November 5-8th I will be taking a course. So my question is: In order to be able to go to MP, should I flight from Lima to Cusco on Wednesday Nov 8 at night or should I flight Nov 9 in the morning? And then take the Colectivo Van to Ollantaytambo and the train from there to Aguas Calientes. My Flight from Lima is on Saturday the 11th at 2am. What do you recommend is the best way to visit MP and the fastest?

  3. I am thinking of booking flights to Lima in May a week apart. Is this enough time to get in and out of Lima to Cuzco/MP? And i presume the site is more crowded at weekends? And finally, is hotel accommodation reasonably priced and there are enough rooms for all?
    Thank you, your website is marvellous.

    • Yes, 1 week is enough and will give you a lot of time in the area. Most people rush through it in 4 days or so. Now, are you planning to do the Inca Trail hike? That in itself can take 3-4 days, but you should still have adequate time to see what you need to see. Hotel is reasonably priced. Budget hotels are under $50usd and you can find nice one for $80-90USD

  4. Very informative article. Thank you for your suggestions.

    I live in Mexico and was planning a vacation from 23rd-31st December. 2017.
    The flight tickets to & from Mexico along with train tickets (Cusco-MP) and flights from Lima to Cusco; take up around 50% of my budget.

    If I do not opt for travel packages and explore MP as well as Lima, Cusco; will I get city tour guides in Peru? If yes, will it be cheaper or expensive than buying a group travel package from Mexico itself?

    Most of the travel package that I have seen are some sort of “inca trails” packages. I dont want that. I want to explore MP, Lima, Cusco & Puno (if possible) in 8 days. Any suggestions please?

    • Don’t buy group travel package from Mexico, it would be more expensive. You can see Lima yourself. When in Cusco, buy group tour package to see the area and it would be pretty cheap.

  5. Thank you for such a detailed information.

    Could you please help me with few of my queries.

    I am planning to visit Peru during winter holidays (23rd-31st Dec, 2017) from Mexico.

    1. Is it good time to visit? I have heard that it´s very muddy there and number of people would be very high; so I may not be able to enjoy the trip fully.

    2.Can you please also tell guide me on what are the best places to visit in December in Peru.

    Thank you so much!

    • Yes, that is a good time to visit. I don’t think you are going to find a better time, so should just go.
      Lima, Cusco, Machu Pitchu, Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley are all a must visit.

  6. The information here is very helpful. I am hoping to to go Machu Pichu this year and follow through your step-by-step instructions. I am not sure if I’ll be doing the hiking or not, it seems little bit intimidating to me.

  7. Hi there,

    Great information provided! With lots of details.
    Just want to update the flight information. A few yers ago, Taca company has changed its name into Avianca, so the current company website is Otherwise its a very helpful post.

  8. Hi There I think you gave me the courage to do the MP tour on my own. I have a question before I start to do the bookings, and I will appreciate your opinion. I am arriving to Cusco (from Lima) on 26/10 at 11:05 and I have to return to Lima on 31/10 on a .9:45 flight. After reading your advise I decided that I do not need to stay in Cusco at arrival. Just from the airport (If I got it right) to take a taxi for a few bucks to collectivo/van station in order to go to Ollalaytambo train station. Then should I a)stay 1 night in Ollatambo to do Valle Sagrado (booked from any hotel) or b) go straight to Agua Calientes to spend the night (26/10). Early in the morning go to MP ,do all but Huaya Picchu and return at night to Ollaytambo . Then the next day do Valle Sagrado,night again in Ollaytambo, to take a train the next morning (the earliest possible to Cusco) then hire a local half day tour to Cusco sleep there and take the flight back to Lima on 31/10. Do that makes sense to you? and maybe throw in cusco the morray ruins? Thnks for your help. Monica

    • Go straight to aqua Caliente the 1st day so u can see Machu picchu sunrise (B). Then come back to do ollantaytambo. From there u can also take collective back to cusco. Just go to main square of ollntaytambo or train station and many collective will be waiting.

  9. Very useful article, but I disagree with the prices showed in the page you recommend to buy machu picchu tickets. I found a website where you can buy the same tickets paying less. That’s it.

  10. Hi! We are going to Cusco and MP in november and we have 9 days! 🙂 Do you recommend to do MP in two days? This is we arrive to aguas calientes on day 1 and then MP and back to Cusco on day 2?

    Do we have to book the bus form aguas calientes to MP? I don’t understand that step.

    Thank you!

    • You can do in 2 days. The bus is required to get up from the ground level to MP. You book the bus the evening before to avoid the lines the morning of.

  11. Hi,
    Arriving somewhat late into Lima Peru, 7:30pm Mon. Any flights leave around this time to Cuzco? Rather not spend $$ on a hotel for the night in Lima?

  12. Te best article I have read for my trip to Machu Pichu. You provide very detail information on how to do the trip… This article basically answered all my questions. Expect one… Do you recommend we hire a guide to hike to Machu Pichu and Huayna Pichu?

  13. Hi, this is very helpfull. Thanks a lot. Anyways me and my bf are planning to do a trip in MP next year, probably in February. We plan to fly into Cusco then take a cab to Ollantaytambo and then a train to Aguas Callentes. We might spent the rest of the day in a Hotel in Aguas and then take an early morning trip to MP. After that we’ll take a trip back to Cusco and take a tour around place. 🙂


    1. Is it advisable that we also booked a hotel in Cusco before heading to Aguas? Or can we just do that once we’re back from MP?

    2. Are we allowed to carry our luggage from the airport inside the train stration to Aguas if we opt from booking a hotel in Cusco?


  14. I don’t know if you still check this site, but I have some questions. I think I’m probably being super ambitious with my trip. But hopefully, you can help. I travel to Lima on September 5th and get in at 11:00pm. I booked a ticket to Cuzco for September 6th – thinking that I’d rather do Macchu Picchu first and then enjoy Lima after. But, I return to Lima on September 11th. Do you think it’s a bad idea for me to try to go to MP on September 10th – as it’s the only day that I was able to get a MP & HP package. Would it be too difficult to get to the airport the next day? Any info you can provide would be so helpful.

    • Hi. It depends on when is your flight on 9/11? You can do MP on 9/10 and be back in Cusco that evening.

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  16. You have really provided some great insight to having a very organized trip. I do have some questions that probably could be answered by your information but I have just overlooked the detail.
    I am seriously considering the option of skipping Cuzco the first days and traveling on to either Ollantaytambo or Aguas for the altitude acclimation factor with stopping in Cuzco on the way back. Would you say lodging in Ollantaytambo is best over Aquas for the nights spent visiting the citadel for a day? Or first night in Aquas, visit the citadel, and then travel on train to Ollantaytambo for a night’s stop on the way back? Is taxi the best option from the airport to Ollantaytambo or is finding a collectivo van at the airport a possibility?
    Again, all of your information is excellent. I am sure your insight to my questions will be most helpful as well.

    • I would go straight to Aquas your 1st day. You can taxi all the way to Ollantaytambo for 30-35 usd. However you can taxi from airport to collectivo station for 3 usd then take the collectivo.

      • hi, I am going to MP next week. How is the weather in October. Rainy??? I am very concerned about the weather in October.
        thanks for all that great information.

  17. Your info is great. I too have 4 nights/5 days to do this area and I want to move hotels as little as possible. Can we do it all – -MP, Ollantaytambo, Pisco and Cuzco from a hotel in Cuzco or should we plan on two hotels – one in Cuzco and one in Ollantaytambo? Thank_you

    • U can do all from cusco…..but ur time at MP will be limited if u try to do MP in 1 day. I think best to spend a night in Aqua Calientes

  18. Absolutely the best advise on traveling in Peru! We looked at other resources but found nothing better than this site. The information is clear and concise and accurate. We just got back a couple days ago and can not thank you enough for taking the time to share your knowledge.

  19. Hi there! This is BY FAR the best site I’ve seen on getting to MP. THANK YOU! Secondly, I am kind of panicking about what to pack now since you just said they only allow packs below 20 L on MP. I was planning on bringing a bigger one. Is that still true and up to date?

    • All true. U can leave larger pack at luggage storage area next to entrancw. The 20 L limit is for small pack to take inside MP.

    • Arcielts like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

  20. I am trying to plan a fairly last minute trip. May 8/9-14/15. It this something I can pull off? I will be asking for all the tips if so. Thanks for you time!

    • Ofcourse you can. We know people who flew with in 2 days notice and did the trip with no problem. 1 wk is enough to see Lima, cusco, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu.

  21. Thanks so much for your great information.

    I will be traveling from Cuzco to Machu Picchu on Monday, May 16 and staying overnight in Agua Calientes.

    The trains seem to be rerouted until end of April, but I want to buy my tickets now.

    On both Peru Rail and Inca Rail I can purchase a ticket from either Poroy or Ollantaytambo to Cuzco. Which is better, Poroy or Ollantaytambo, especially leaving very early in the morning?

    Thank you!

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  24. I’m planing to go to Machu picchu this summer, my question is how long I need between get to Cuzco=MP no rushing if everything goes smooth.

    • You need 4 days in the area to do it all. 1 day traveling from Cuzco to machu picchu, 1 day at MP, 1 day to see cuzco, 1 day to see sacred valley.

  25. Hi and thank you so much for this post.
    I booked the train from Ollantaytambo to MP, but I cannot buy tickets to enter MP. The site you recommended for foreigners seemed to be a perfect option, but they only let you book from the 1st of February onwards.. And we will arrive in Peru on the 25th of January and we want to go to MP on the 27th. We already payed for the hostel in Ollantaytambo and the train tickets..
    I guess we just have to go to Peru and hope we can buy our tickets there.. right ?

    • Why don’t u call the number on that site. We booked it 12 hrs before we depart to Peru. We called and spoke to someone (rep in US that spoke english). See if they can still book it for you. I think the chance that it is sold out is small, but given how much you pay to get out there, paying a but more for reassurance that you will have tickets is a peace if mind.

    • Why don’t u call the number on that site. We booked it 12 hrs before we depart to Peru. We called and spoke to someone (rep in US that spoke english). See if they can still book it for you. I think the chance that it is sold out is small, but given how much you pay to get out there, paying a but more for reassurance that you will have tickets is a peace if mind..

  26. Appreciation to my father who informed me concerning this webpage,
    this blog is truly awesome.

  27. hello!
    i’d like to ask where to get the Sacred Valley Tour.
    is it in Cusco or Ollantaytambo?

    • Get it in cusco. Any hotel front desk can book it for you, and they can do it cheaper than what u see online. The online stuff are for foreigners and are listed for almost 2x the cost.

  28. Hi Escapetraveller,

    The train from cusco-mp is close.
    The only option I have is to take the van to go to Ollantaytambo then MP.
    The question is, from cusco to take the van from paradero pavitos. Do you know how early do they do the operations. Where do I buy the van ticket? I want to book my train ticket to go to MP but not sure way time i should pick. I land on the March 2nd to cusco. Do u think its better to buy all the tickets wen I get there?

    • They do the operation as early as 6am. No formal ticket to buy. You pay the driver before getting on or when you get off. We paid them before getting on, but all the locals did when getting off. Either way, it is fine. Just buy the ticket for the train online before hand, since trains do get filled up. Option 1, you can take van to Ollantaytambo in morning to catch a late morning train. Option 2, you can take a Sacred Valley day tour and get off after they finish giving you the tour of Ollantaytambo. You will miss the last portion of the tour, but that is a very convenient way to squeeze things in if you are short on time. In this case. You should book an evening train (4 or 5pm..)

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  30. Hi Escape Traveler….

    Great website…..! I’ll be going to Peru in about a week to visit Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu….At Machu Picchu, can I take my tripod inside for photos? Some places here in the US do not allow tripod….

    • You should be able to and I have seen many do. People have even taken drones there. Just in case, take a travel tripod and just throw it in your day pack. Worst case is that they ask you to check the bag in. Not the end of the world if that is the case.

  31. i and my friends want to visit machu picchu. please guide us how to go there from INDIA.

  32. Hi.

    If one is travelling to the USA and holds a valid tourist visa, for the USA, is there a visa waiver when visiting Peru?

    • Tanya, cannot help you on this one. You can try looking up the requirement for Peru

  33. Hello,

    I plan to get to Lima January 1st and fly directly with StarPeru to Cuzco. I come in flying with LAN from Miami to Lima at 6:40am on the 1st, and planned to join a StarPeru flight at about 8:00am or 8:30am. Is there a certain amount of hours I need to check in there at the airport? I don’t want to wait too long but I do not want to book too early either.

    Second, I plan to go to the Sacred Valley on the 1st, but I am not sure if I can buy a ticket ahead of time or if I have to in Cuzco. From what I understand, I have to buy a tourist pass. Also I am a little worried places in Cuzco may be closed since I am arriving on January 1st, which is a holiday to many. Is it possible to do a tour on the 1st and if I do, is 10am or 11am too late to join?

    I only plan to be in Cuzco area from January 1st – 3rd to see the Scared City and Machu Picchu then leave on the morning of the 3rd. Is this possible with those dates and possible holidays?

    Thanks for the website by the way. No questions on Machu Picchu or how to book that! It has shorten my research significantly and put a lot information all in one place. You guys are awesome!


    • You will be fine on check in at aitport, 1 hr in advance is fine.

      The Sacred Valley group tour starts at 8:30am and is a full day. You may be able to choose your own time if you do private tour.

      I think you need 1 extra day to make it work. Go straight to Machu Picchu on the 1st day, do MP on 2nd, and then see Sacred Valley on the 3rd, leave on the 4th.

  34. Thank you for the very thorough and detailed instructions. It has helped immensely

  35. Many Questions:
    We are coming off a cruise around the horn and traveling with my elderly parents.
    We plan to fly into Lima and connecting flight to Cuzco. Then taxi/van to Ollantaytambo and train to Aguas Callientes all in one day. Is that even feasible?
    We have 4 days from the time we arrive in Lima. What would you suggest?
    Stay in Aguas Callentes overnight or stay in Ollantaytambo overnight?
    I have read many interesting things about Cuzco and thought 2 nights there would be fun.
    When we take the bus to Machu Picchu have extensive is the hiking. After reading your article Hyana Picchu sounds like the one we should do. My parents are fit but not for a heavy duty hike. Please advise. Also what about our luggage? Any ideas on how to fit all of this into an enjoyable experience?
    Thank you!

    • Ann,

      Sorry for late reply. It depends on when you arrive in Lima. If early enough and you can get to Cusco by early afternoon, then you can catch the cab to Ollantaytambo and late train to Aqua Callentes, then stay overnight there. Hiking in MP is not extensive, but Hyana Picchu may be. You can have good tour of MP without doing Hana Picchu. U can leave baggage at hotel and come back to pick it up in evening. You need 2 full day in Cusco to see the city and sacred valleys. I think 4 days is tight

  36. Hi, I plan to use get on a colectivo van from Cusco to Ollantaytambo before returning Cusco early morning (we are doing bungee jumping with Action Valley). Should we use the vans on the way back back as well?

    • Yes you can with both ways. It is the most cost effective way to travel in the region.

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  38. Great instructions. Used them and everything went smoothly. Thx much!

  39. Thank you for this information. We leave for Lima (for a family wedding) in two days and we just started booking this last-minute vacation within a vacation last night, thanks in part to your great website. The only painful part has been trying to buy MP tickets online. I called the Ministry of Culture offices a few times today and while they were very kind and spoke decent English (much better than my Spanish), it is clear to me now that they have a problem with their payment system. I am waiting on a reply to an email and hoping they can get my transaction to go through. Worst case we’ll have to buy tickets when we get there; it seems like there are plenty available at the moment (just for MP, nothing else). Thanks again.

    • Use the link on this article to book through the one agency mentioned. You will pay 30% more but you get your tickets ahead of time.

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