How to get from Singapore to Woodlands Train Station

There are many ways to get to Woodlands Train Station from Singapore to catch the train to Kuala Lumpur or other area of Malaysia.  Ofcourse, you can pay for the expensive taxi ride, but the easiest and fastest public transportation is to use the following buses noted below.   Note that all bus heading to Johor Bahru will have to go through Woodlands checkpoint, so you can pretty much take any bus going into Johor Bahru and get off at Woodlands to take the train.

From Central Singapore:

-  Take the Singapore-Johor Express (SGD $4) or the Causeway Link Express (SGD $2.50) from the Queen Street Bus Terminal.  CASH ONLY.  Both buses leave every 5-15 minutes, daily 4:30AM – 11:30PM.  This is a direct bus and it makes no other stops.  The trip takes 30-45 minutes to get from Queen Street Bus Terminal to Woodlands, depending on traffic conditions.  As noted above, the bus will drop at Woodlands checkpoint, which you will get off and walk across a skybridge to get to Woodlands Train Station.

Queen Street Bus Terminal

Queen Street Bus Terminal

Singapore - Johor Bahru Bus

Singapore – Johor Bahru Bus









-  You can also take MRT to either Kranji  or Marsiling station and catch a bus from there, but why bother when you can take a direct bus from central Singapore.  If you do this route, catch bus 170 from Kranji or bus 950 from Marsling.   Both buses will drop you at Woodlands checkpoint.


From Changi Airport:

Changi to Woodland Bus

Changi to Woodland Bus Waiting Area

Changi to Woodland Bus

Changi to Woodland Bus









- Take Transtar Express TS1 (SGD $7) from the coach stands at Terminal 1, 2, 3, or budget terminal .  Every 60 minutes, daily 8:15am – 11:15pm.  The trip takes 80 mins to get to Woodland Check Point, as it has a few stops along its route.  You can pay with CASH or EZLINK.   Check their website for exact schedules as fare at


From Resorts World Sentosa:

- Take Transtar Express TS8 (SGD $5).  Double Decker bus, every 30-60 minutes, daily 8:00am – 1am.  The trip takes about 60 mins as it has a few stops along its route. You can pay with CASH or EZLINK.  Check their website for exact schedules as fare at


Note that there are also many other buses leaving from different area of Singapore, including Jurong East, Marina Bay Sands, and Sentosa Island.  However, the 2 above is the most used route.

Note that when you get to Woodlands checkpoint, it is not completely easy to find the Woodlands Train Station and there are very little or no signs.  About 20 meters from the immigration desk to clear custom, take a right turn and walk through the cross bridge (which cross over a highway) and a couple of hall ways that will get you over to the Woodlands Train Station.  DO NOT, clear Singapore custom as you would have already passed the aforementioned right turn.  Ask the many police officers around there if in doubt.

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  2. hi, i am going with the train tomorrow from johor to KL, booked the ticket online. i will take a bus from singapore to JB, when should i leave singapore? is the customs before ore after i hop on the bus? thanks!

  3. Hi,

    Would you please tell, whether the “Woodland MRT Station” is different from the “Woodand Train tation”. Are both the stations at different locations ? If it is so, please guide how to get from “Woodland MRT Station” to “Woodland Train Station” for catching the train for Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

    Many Tanks in advance.


  4. Good day Moderator! I am a filipino and plan to visit Singapore. Maybe I stayed somewhere in Orchard or Victoria or Raffles St. How to go to Lego Land in Malaysia by train from Singapore. Please assist. Thanks!

  5. Hi Escape Traveler,
    Thanks for the detailed description of the train travel. I have however few queries rather clarifications and would need your suggestions.

    We are a group of 4 (along with wife and elder parents) and we found the travel by train very interesting. We will be visiting Singapore in the month of April 2014 and will be there for 4 to 5 nights and then intend to travel to Malaysia by train and back by the overnight train.

    Need to know how to handle the immigration process and visa formalities for Malaysia in this case. How far would be woodland point from Orchard Road, where we plan to stay in a hotel at Singapore. Thanks in advance for help.

    • Malaysian don’t need visa to enter Singapore. You clean immigration when you arrive at Woodland check point. You can then take a bus or MRT to Orchard Road and stay in downtown Singapore.

  6. I am US citizen and I want to get to KL from Singapore. If I am in downtown singapore how long would you advise to do the following:

    1. catch bus from downtown singapore to Woodlands
    2. Walk over from woodlands to woodlands train station
    3. Buy ticket from woodlands
    4. catch train from woodlands to JB
    5. catch train from JB to KL.

    Does the train from woodland get full? I am travelling on Sunday.

  7. this is my first visit to malaysia need to know if travelling in train from kuala lumpur to singapore with valid singapore and malaysia visa.

    Is there will be any imigration check in train stattion

  8. Hi, I have booked my tickets from woodlands to KL Sentral by train. I am a Bangladeshi Citizen. So, where i need to check-in and do immigration procedure on the way?

    • At woodland, you will clear immigration procedure to both Singapore and Malaysia prior to departure.

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  10. Hi, I’m planning to travel to KL from singapore. I arrive at airport at 00:45 and would like to go straight to JB to catch the 8:30 am train to KL. Can you advise me of the best way to do it? Thank you

    • problem is at that time, no bus are running. Your best bet is to hang around the airport for a while then cab to woodland and take the train from woodland to JB which then continues to KL

    • We actually have landed around the same time and took a nap at one of the airport transit hotel. Then we left at 5:30am to see all of Singapore and then took the overnight train to KL. You can try that approach. If you don’t want to pay for the transit hotel, the meditation room is a secret and awesome place to nap!

  11. Hi,

    I have bought a ticket from JB to KL using website. How can I change the date?

  12. Hi,
    I want to go to KL from Singapore by train. I have already bought JB-KL ticket and I should go to Woodlands to buy ticket for 2 – EKSPRES RAKYAT to JB at 8:30 on Sunday. Also I should pass all costum formalities with both Singapore and Malaysia costum.
    I am Iranian and I should go there from Dorsett hotel in New Bridge Road.
    How long does it take from my hotel to the woodlands station and also when I should be there to do do all costom formalities and take a train.

    • If you already have the JB-KL ticket, may be just give yourself 2 full hours and just take the bus from Singapore all the way to JB sentral!.

      Which train are you going on from JB – KL?

    • If you are just going by train from Woodland to JB to continue on, then just allow yourself 1.5 hr from hotel to woodland station and to clear all customs.

  13. Hello,

    If you are on the bus to JB (presumably to catch the night train to KL) why would you not just continue to JB on the bus why switch from the bus to JB to the Train to JB at woodlands?

    Thank you,


    • You can. However, it may be a bit of a mess and craziness as you have to clear Singapore immigration, then wait for the bus again and hop on, then get off and clear Malaysia immigration, then walk over to train station, then board train. That border crossing can be pretty crazy, especially during holiday. Thus, clearing at Woodland is much easier.

  14. Hi,
    I want to travel to KL from Changi airport by bus. My flight arrival at changi airport is 8:15am. I would take the Take Transtar Express TS1 (SGD $7) from the coach stands at Terminal 1, 2, 3, or budget terminal to Woodland Check Point, from there how would i proceed to KL by bus. Actually we want to go to Genting there any direct bus from changi airport?

    • Hi. Better to take the skytrain into the city and catch a bus from the center of the city to KL.

  15. Hi,

    I would like to ask whether it is a need to book a ticket for the bus?

  16. Hi Escape Traveler,

    I wondered if there is any possibility to get a taxi from Woodlands Train Station to Johor Bahru Train Station in less than 20 minutes during lunch hour? I hope its not that expensive compared to the Economic train seats from Woodlands to JB.. Thanks for reading and answering my message.


    • You can, but some taxi doesn’t want to cross the border for small fare. Also, what you can’t know for sure is the line on the Malaysian immigration side after crossing the bridge. That line can be very long. Honestly, the steps to depart from JB can be confusing to most. You get off the bus at Woodland, then clear Singapore immigration, search for your bus again on the other side, then ride across the bridge, get off again to clear malaysian immigration. It is much simpler and save more time to just hop on the train from Woodland and do the 2 ticket method.

    • Yes, It is possible for you all to have a look for this .
      It is suitable for family private car service, a lot of traveller which wanted crossing from singapore to JB always hire them.

  17. Hi, Indian citizen, planning a trip to Singapore and KUL.
    Few questions :
    - Can I travel from Singapore Airport to KUL by train ?
    - How do I get to KUL from Singapore Airport ?
    - Do I need a multiple entry, if I stop over in Singapore on
    my way back ?
    - Is the train journey cheaper than flights ?
    Thanks for your help

  18. Hi, I am planning a visit to KL from Singapore. Can I please know at what time I should leave Singapore (by bus) to catch the night train to KL and where to get off, immigration clearance etc.

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  20. Hi, thank you for your kind to share this useful information :)

    I have a bit question, do you think is it possible if i reach KL in the morning (taking overnight train from JB) and back to singapore at night (so i’ll be arrive in singapore in the next morning). I mean, is there any overnight train from KL to Sing? Thank you.

    • Yes, that is possible. I believe the overnight train leaves KL to singapore around 11pm a night

  21. Hi studying in Kuala lumpur so im going to Singapore next week on 23th of May by plane so when i leave the Singapore im going to come back by train. How much is it exactly, normally one? Should i order the ticket before? Is this true above cost? One of my friend told me there is difference between price so i have no idea about price from Singapore to KL. PLSE give me information about it?

  22. Hello,

    We are group of 4 (2 adult & 2 kids); considering that would taking a bus from Singapore to JB central would be a good idea or taxi may turn up the same (at least close by??)

    Also If I take a taxi; how is the immigration handleded? Please suggest.

    • Most taxi won’t go through to JB and will drop you off at Woodland checkpoint. I would suggest just taking the bus.

      • hi my bf and i would be staying at geylang..pls help me.
        1.what is the best way to get to woodland mrt from geylang,
        ,since in woodlands mrt there are buses that we can ride to get to woodlands ciq.
        2. when we arrive at woodlands ciq, we plan to buy 2 ticjets since its cheaper one is from woodlands ciq to jb then jb to kl sentral. do we need to get off the train when it arrived at jb and transfer to another train?ty pls help

  23. For a Friday evening trip to JB in order to catch the 11pm train to KL, would catching a bus up to JB immigration be a feasible idea? If the bus journey from Woodlands to JB is say… 30-45mins, I would say it’s still bearable. But if it’s gonna be an hour and a half, then probably still better to catch train across :)

    Was intending to catch Causeway Link bus from Newton Circus to Johor CIQ, perhaps 8:30 bus or something.

    • It takes 30-45 mins to get to woodland checkpoint, 10 mins to clear custom, and then another 10 mins to get to JB and trainstation. Allow 1:30 hr. If you leave at 8:30, u should be fine.

  24. Hi. I m a Bangladeshi citizen. Can i go JB & later on KL if i have the single entry visa for Malaysia?

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