Langkawi Sky Bridge and Langkawi Cable Car – Langkawi Top Attractions

Langkawi Overwater Bungalow

The Langkawi Sky Bridge and Langkawi Cable Car and are some of the most popular attractions in Langkawi.  You take the Langkawi cable car up to an observatory area and walk on the sky bridge.   If you are wondering what to do in Langkawi, this should go on your top list.  The skybridge and cable car is about 18 km from Pantai Cenang where I stayed.  I was thinking to go wild and rent a scooter (RM40/day) but I changed my mind.  Given that I have never operated a scooter, I better save my life to travel the world.  I ended up hiring a taxi for RM15 one-way.

The taxi dropped my in front of the Oriental Village, where one can purchase tickets to ride the Langkawi Cable Car and walk the Langkawi sky bridge.  With a backdrop of the soaring Mat Chincang Mountains, the Langkawi Oriental Village itself was pretty spectacular.  It resembled a cross between a charming French village and an old-style Chinese town, with small duck ponds and quaint bridges.

Langkawi Sky bridge

Langkawi Sky bridge – Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car – Langkawi Malaysia








A ticket for the Langkawi cable car and Langkawi sky bridge was RM30, and the ride to the top took 15-20 minutes.   Once at the top, I was greeted by many stalls selling souvenirs, snacks, and drinks.    I then climbed a set of staircases that cuts through a thin forest to reach the observatory deck above.   Once on the top, the view was heartbreaking.  One can see the whole island, including Tarutao Island in Thailand in the distant.  At the side of the observatory deck is the Langkawi Sky Bridge, a steel bridge suspended across Mount Mat Cincang and a neighbouring mountain.   Walking across this bridge was a fantastic experience and offers a different viewpoint of the island and sea towards the north.

Alternatively, there are also tours that will take you here and surrounding areas (Oriental Village, Langkawi Cable Car, Langkawi Sky bridge, Crocodile Farm, Black Sand Beach, and Langkawi Wildlife Park) for only RM55, picking you up from your hotel.  I should have done this.  I hiked around the sky bridge and its park for awhile before making my way down to see Pantai Kok, a quite beach near Telegah Harbor.   I originally did looked into staying at Pantai Kok.  It is a nice  relaxing beach, but one would have a hard time finding cheap local food around here.  There just aren’t as many options as Pantai Cenang, nor are there any night life.

After a sunset stroll on Pantai Kok, I was tired and made my way back to Pantai Cenang, where I had another night of feasting, and another set of 30 chicken satays.  I loved Malaysian food, and think Malaysian chicken satay is the best.  I savor every last bite, as it would be my last set of Malaysian food since I would be leaving for Thailand and Koh Lipe in the morning.

Langkawi Malaysia Sunset

Langkawi Malaysia Sunset

Malaysian Chicken Satay in Langkawi

Malaysian Chicken Satay in Langkawi









I highly recommend Pulau Langkawi to everyone.  It is like an underrated and less developed Hawaii, and most of my friends back in U.S. never heard of it.  Also, most tourists in Asia flock to Phuket, Koh Samui, or Bali, and never paid much attention to Langkawi.  A path less taken indeed.  Do try to spend at least 3 days here.  There are waterfalls, many beaches, and many nearby islands that I did not get to see due to my short stay.  If you looking for what to do in Pulau Langkawi, put the Langkawi cable car and sky bridge on a must visit.


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  1. I like to know whether there is a day tour to Oriental Village, Langkawi Cable Car, Langkawi Sky Bridge, crocodile farm, black sand beach & Langkawi wildlife park, if there is please provide me with some contact. Our group will be there on 13/5 to 15/5. Waiting for your feedback.

  2. Hi, im planning to take free and easy for 4d3n to langkawi. May i know if you have any recommended travel agents for day trip to the skybridge or island hopping ? thanks a lot 🙂

    • Plenty of agent when u arrive. Dont worry about booking in advance

      • Best thing is to rent a car and go around Langkawi by yourself . It’s a small island , a round trip would take about 40 mins only . Not much traffic except around Kuah town. Most maps are sufficient and if u have access to waze even more easier .

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  6. During my stay in Langkawi for three days, which is cheaper and easier, do I have to rent a car or just take a taxi to go to the cable car n sky bridge ? since i stay at the cenang beach and near bandar Kuah.

    • we rented a scooter motorcycle. It is easier to just take a cab which is not expensive in Langkawi

      • Hi, great website!
        I’m doing a similar trip Singapore-Melaka-KL-Penang-Langkawi
        and have been considering adding on Koh Lipe.

        Will you be posting your adventures at Koh Lipe soon?
        It seems like a place mainly for snorkelling/scuba diving. Is it worth visiting considering we have been to the Great Barrier Reef?

        Thanks in advance

        • We actually went into Koh Lipe after our visit to Langkawi. You can ferry to Lipe from Langkawi and many signs around Langkawi advertise this as day trip. We went into Lipe, and went up to Krabi, and southern thailand. This is the site you can book online….it is same price if you arrive day of. Usually, ferry/speed boat not full.

          We will post Lipe soon. Just so many other things to post, but we think it is worth to give the full connection from Singapore-KL-Penang-Langkawi-Lipe-Thailand as many would want to know.

          Koh Lipe is beautiful and great for snokelling and diving. It is also very laid back and has good beach night scene. Consider spending at least 2 nights here. Most of the beach in Thailand and Malaysia are never going to be as great as the Great Barrier Reef, Maldive, Tahiti. However, some of them are actually better, most are not. They are different. Different vive, culture, feel. Lipe is much much much better than Langkawi. Langkawi beaches are so so, while Lipe is white sand. There are articles saying Lipe is the Maldive of Thailand, but that is BS. Lipe is among the top island and beaches in thailand. It is less visited because it is so far south and easier to get from Malaysia. We put it up there with Koh Similan, Koh Surin, Koh Phi phi, Redang, Perhentian islands of both Thailand and Malaysia. Most tourist don’t really make it there. It is a great paradise in our mind.

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  10. Please kindly quote me your best price for the cable car trip for 8 adults per group on coming end of this month. We’re MALAYSIAN with MyKad.

    Thanks & Regards,
    +6016-2666 890

    • Hi. We are just an informational site, we do not provide any tickets.

    • Hi Fiona,

      I came across this website which sells not only cable car ticket but almost all major attractions in Langkawi tickets online.

      Best part is, its cheaper when you buy online and their tickets are open ( no need to choose the dates ), and valid for one year .

      Check the site out.

      I have bought from them before .Hope it helps you.

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