Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train

Singapore to KL TrainOne of the easiest, cheapest, most comfortable way to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is by train.  The trip is about 6-7 hours, cost MYR 33 (USD$10) for 2nd class seat , MYR39 (USD$12.50) for 2nd class sleeper, MYR114-135 (USD$36-43) for 1st class deluxe sleeper (private cabin sleeper with private shower /toilet and LCD TV).   Note that this is cheaper than the 4-5 hr bus ride which cost about USD$24, and definitely cheaper than the cheapest Air ticket you can find.  Plus, train travel usually comes with beautiful scenery of the countryside, munching on train station food, or perhaps a nice/efficient/cheap sleep with an overnight train.

The train is clean, fair condition, good services, and has decent food.  It is very safe, and probably is the safest way to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

It is cheaper to buy the ticket in Malaysia or originate your trip out of the nearest town in Malaysia.  Originating or purchasing tickets in Singapore will cost you 2.5x.  More details on this below under How to Buy tickets.


Currently there are 3 trains from Singapore (Woodlands) to Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral – Sentral Kuala Lumpur)

Train #2 EKSPRES RAKYAT: Depart daily from Woodlands at 9:12AM, arrives to KL Sentral at 2:56PM  (Class 1, 2)

Train #12 EKSPRES SINARAN SELATAN: Depart daily from Woodlands at 2:18PM, arrives to KL Sentral at 8:25PM (Class 1, 2, L, S)

Train #24 SENANDUNG SUTERA: Depart daily from Woodlands at 11:55PM, arrives to KL Sentral at 6:30AM (Class 1, 2, L, F, S)

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper Car

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper









I recommend the overnight sleeper  (Train 24) which leaves Singapore Woodlands at 11:30PM and gets into Kuala Lumpur at 6:30am, just in time to day tour the city.  This train save you a night of hotel in Singapore and perhaps make your trip a bit more efficient as you are on the move while sleeping.

Key to classes

  • L  or ADNFD = Deluxe sleeper  – 1 or 2-bed compartments with private shower & toilet, air-conditioned.
  • F  or ADNFB = 1st class sleepers – Bed compartments with washbasin, air-conditioned.
  • S or ADNS = 2nd class sleepers – Upper & lower berths with curtains for privacy, air-conditioned.
  • 1 or AFC = 1st class seats – Reasonably luxurious, reclining, air-conditioned.
  • 2 or ASC = 2nd class seats –  Comfortable, air-conditioned.


Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train 2nd Class Sleeper

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Sleeper


Prices as noted at the beginning of the article.   The 2nd class sleeper is a great deal.


How to buy tickets

The easiest , cheapest, and best way to buy the ticket is to just book from  , which you can pay by credit card and print out your own ticket (or collect the tickets at any Malaysian KTM railway station including Singapore Woodlands).  You can also buy it from the station or call the KTM (Malaysian Railways) call centre.

The reservation open 60 days before departure and YES you need to have a reservation (one cannot just hop on and off).

When booking the tickets online, make sure to choose Sentral Kuala Lumpur, not Kuala Lumpur, as those are 2 different stations and your train options are different.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train 1st Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Seats








As noted earlier, if you originate your trip from Singapore as the fare will be done in Singapore dollar and will cost you about 2.5x what it would have cost if you originate from Malaysia.  Basically, you should originate the trip from JB Sentral in Johor Bahru, thus buying tickets from JB Sentral to KL Sentral.  You can then find a way to get from Singapore to JB Sentral.  There are many buses to JB Sentral from downtown Singapore.  Click here for article on Singapore – Woodland – JB Sentral Buses

A simple method that I recommend is just to buy 2 tickets (1 from Singapore Woodland to JB Sentral and another one from JB Sentral to KL Sentral).  This way, you will only be charged more for the short 5 minutes Woodland-JB Sentral section and pay Malaysian cheaper price for the longer JB Sentral-KL Sentral section.  For example, you can buy a 2nd class seat from Woodland-JB Sentral, then 1st class sleeper from JB Sentral-KL Sentral.  Once the train gets to JB Sentral (5 mins ride), then walk over to your 1st class cabin.  Note that as of January 2013, you can no longer buy the short Woodland-JB Sentral portion of your ticket online, but you can still do so in person at Woodland or by phone through the call center and pick up your ticket at Woodland on the day of your travel.  You should be able to just walk up on your day of departure and buy this cheapest 2nd class seat Woodland-JB Sentral portion.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train

Sleepers Cabin at KL Sentral

Woodlands Train Station Markets

Woodlands Train Station Markets









Note that many web search will say that there are no food/drinks at Woodland station and they recommend you to be prepare with materials from elsewhere.  This is not miss-leading.  It is correct that there are absolutely nothing inside the train station or the ticketing area.  However, 100 meters across the street from the ticketing area, you will find a large shopping center/food complex, where there are many grocery stores, hawker stalls, and plenty of food and tiger beer to keep you spirit alive.

Share your Singapore-KL Train experiences or leave questions/comments below!  Click LIKE if you want to go!

See video of the train cabin and what to expect upon arrival below

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  1. hello,

    confused because i am currently trying to book a reservation for the sleeper train on 18 Feb 2015. when i am on the website it seems that all trains in the next 30 days have no availability.. is this possible or is the website just not working?


  2. Hi, can I get your phone or cellphone number? I will be traveling alone this coming March 23-27, 2015. I’m planning to do DIY. Is it possible to purchase my ticket now from JB to Kl Sentral. Help me please.


    • You are still outside the ticketing window, so you have to wait until 30 days in advance to do online. You can call callcenter and do 60 days in advance.

  3. thank you so much for your information.
    however, I have several question regarding this.
    first, should I booking the ticket in advance? is it possible if I just buy the ticket in the terminal directly, say hours before our trip?

    • Hrs before will be u have no seats. U need to book in advance. Trains get filled up.

  4. I don´t get it. Website allowed to buy tickets 1 month ahead.
    Now, it is a month to my trip and it is all sold out. Hole train? Sould out in one day? :/

  5. I am travelling from Singapore to Kualalumpur by overnight train reaching at 6.30 Hrs. On reaching KL I have to catch plane from KL Airport at 9.20 AM. Does This train reach on time as per schedule. Also the time gap to catch flight is enough. What would your suggest. Thanks

    • Not always on schedule. It was delayed 1 hr when we last took it. You do have some risk to that 9:20 am flight

  6. Escapetraveller
    Thank you very much for your reply. You are doing a great service.

    • The 1st Class sleeper private cabins are not available for the foreseeable future but curtained sleepers are available. Wishing you a great journey.

  7. Hi
    I am planning to travel from KL to Singapore on the 19th of Jan 2015. with 4 children and 1 adult.
    Could some one answer my questions. Appreciated
    How much it will cost me 2nd &1st class tickets. ?
    Should I prefer to buy return tickets?
    Does ticket price include overnight sleeper facility or we need purchase separately?
    I m not familiar with both countries. So could some one kindly tell me which train station I should catch the train in KL and where should get off in Singapore
    Does anyone knows where I can find furnished apartment in Singapore.

    • Get on the train at KL Sentral and get off at Woodlands. Tickets include overnight facilities if you are on the sleeper train. Prices as noted the article.

  8. hi. your travel guide is very helpful. tnx. i am planning to travel to singapore and then to malaysia. is it really cheap to travel from kl to singapore by train than singapore to kl?

  9. I know 30 days is the max you can make a forward booking at the web site but can you book further ahead at all via the call centre ?

    • Yes..i believe 60 days via call center

      • Looks like it went to 30 days and stayed.
        Reply from call centre….
        Dear Sir / Madam,

        For your information, ticket opened for sale within 30 days prior to departure date. ticket on May 2015 still not open yet. At this moment 1st class sleeper cabin (ADNFD) will be not open for sale until further notice due to upgrading and refurbishment progress, therefore passenger are allowed to book 2nd class coach. Kindly directly purchase your ticket once it open for sale.

        Thank you

        Azlina Abd Wahab
        Call Center
        Sentral Kl Station.

  10. Hi again.
    The 950 bus from Woodlands MRT is not fully explained.
    If I catch this bus, can I get off do the customs thing ( twice ) and simply walk to JB Sentral railway station after clearing the Malaysian Customs area ?

    • No, that bus drop you at woodland checkpoint only, it will not transport you to JB central. You cannot simply is long

      • I quizzed SMRT and their reply….
        “You indeed have to take bus 950 to Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint and alight to complete your customs procedure before hopping onto the same service and alight at Johor Bahru Checkpoint to complete another customs procedure.”

  11. I have seen a cheeky way mentioned to get a train from Woodlands to KL at the cheapest rate.
    Buy a return ticket KL – Woodlands. Book the seat you want for the ‘return’ Woodlands – KL. Book the cheapest seat for the KL – Woodlands leg.
    Throw away the ticket you won’t be using.
    This way you can get on the train at Woodlands at the Malaysian ‘much cheaper’ rate.
    Can you think of any reason this method can’t be used ?

    • Still a costly wag and you will still pay double. Also, you may have issues as you did not get on the part from KL to woodland which is the outbound

  12. hi

    woodlands CIQ and woodlands mrt (NS9) both same or no same? where i need to board? please advise asap. i am boarding on 7 jan 15.

  13. Hi! Our family is traveling from sing to kl on march 23 2015. We are 2 adults and 2 children (10yo & 5yo). Im worried about the comfort of my children during train ride.. u suggest to get two train tickets so it would be cheaper. But would it be easier for us to travel directly from singapore and just pay d 2.5x fare? So we wont be changing trains too. Can u help me on my iterinary and what train number we’ll we ride? And usually how many hours is the train delayed? Thanks.

    • Trains can be delayed 30-60 minutes. You don’t have to exit the train. You can do 2 tickets approach.

  14. hi. i have a little query. I am traveling to Singapore for a conference in APril 2015, first week. my colleagues and me want to go to malaysia after the conference. So i just wanted to know that i should buy the tickets from singapore, but that will cost me more? u said something like costing it 2.5 times more.
    can you please help!

    • Exactly…..u either do thd 2 tickets approach i mentioned or originate it from Jahor Bharu

    • Exactly. If you originate from Woodland, it will be 2.5x. You either do 2 ticket approach or originate from JB

    • Exactly, if you originate from Woodland, it will be 2.5x. You either originate from JB or do 2 tickets approach mentioned.

  15. Hi.

    I have a question.

    When taking the first class deluxe sleeper, will the payment (MYR 114-135) be per head or for the cabin?

  16. hi, can we do it the otherway around? say sleepers train from kuala lumpur to singapore? thanks

  17. Hi,

    I am planning to visit Singapore on March 6th 2015 Friday night train from KL to Woodland..Can you suggest the best option? Also planning to come back by 8th March 2015 Sunday night. So train or bus would be cheaper option? If train then whats the best possible route and train? Thanks in advance

  18. Hi,

    Are there any restrictions on certain things that cannot be brought onto the train? example.. sharp objects etc? can i bring aboard outside food and drinks?

    Hope to get your replies soon as I’ll be travelling tonight ..tks :)

  19. HI.. few questions here..

    1) If i buy a ticket from say JB to KL at woodlands CIQ, am i still paying in double price ? (i.e. in Sing dollars)

    2) Is there any extra charges for buying tickets over the counter as compared to online via the KTM website?

    3) After buying a ticket online via KTM website, if i print out the ticket , is that the official ticket i use for boarding the train? Suppose I do not print out the ticket, can I collect at any train station, including Woodlands CIQ ?

    4) Is there any room to store luggage in the train ? such as locker etc?

    5) How much does it cost to buy a ticket from Woodlands to JB ? and JB to KL sentral?

    6) Suppose I take the bus (170 or from Queen street) to JB then take the train at JB, how long would it take to clear customs and all that?

    7) Am I able to buy a bus ticket at KL sentral to return to Singapore ? (as the train tickets for this period is sold out) How much would it cost approximately?

    Thank u !

    • Hi,

      I went to the KTM website and booked a 2nd class sleeper to KL Sentral from JB sentral. Tickets were only made available about one day before. I printed the ticket after booking it. I was not able to book the return ticket as the tickets were not available as yet.

      I took bus 950 from Marsiling MRT and alighted at Woodlands Checkpoint to clear Singapore Immigration. Then i boarded the bus again, crossed the Causeway and alighted again to clear immigration at JB Sentral in Malaysia. Then I walked to the train staion which is located inside the same air conditioned complex to wait for the overnight train which arrived at 2330 hrs. Upon entering the station platform, the staff will check the ticket. After I boarded the train, the staff will then check the ticket again so that they can wake me up when i reach my destination station (KL Sentral)

      The train waited for about half an hour before finally moving off … during the ride, I was not able to sleep peacefully as there were people snoring , and a child was crying non-stop .. the toilets, located in-between the train cars , were quite small, thus the wash basin was also very small … not enough space for me to brush my teeth before going to bed.

      I reached KL Sentral station at 0730 hrs .. I took the escalator to the second floor and turned to the right to the KTM Intercity counter to buy the ticket back to SIngapore.. this time I bought a first class deluxe to avoid snoring etc.

      There are small lockers costing RM 1 nearby but they were all taken up. There is a counter nearby where the staff can help you to deposit your bags for RM 3 (small) or RM 5 (big)

      Besides this , there is also a row of lockers small to big (range from RM 5 to RM 20). They are located on the first level near to a MacDonald’s restaurant. I deposited my stuff in an RM 5 locker (until midnight). Nearby is also a tourist information center where u can pick up useful maps (I picked up the map of KL and the route map of the free shuttle service GOKL) Also near is the KLIA express trains that can bring u to the KLIA 1 and 2 airports.

      After touring the KL, I returned to KL Sentral station about 2040 hrs . I went to the shower room (located at level 1) to take a shower for RM 5. However, the door was closed although the sign says the opening hours are from 6am to 9pm daily! Hence, I went to eat at KFC restaurant. At about 2230 hrs , i waited outside Gate A (which is the place i came when i arrived at KL Sentral) but realised I was supposed to enter via Gate B… after asking the counter staff at KTM counter, I found Gate B which is at the opposite end of Gate A.

      The train had arrived when I went down to the platform and I went to find my 1st class cabin. I realised there was no LCD TV. Night supper (fried noodles, fried rice etc.) and breakfast (cheese / sardine sandwich with milo/coffee) were provided (as part of the ticket fare). I also realised that very few people would buy the 1st class cabin, hence it would be cheaper to book the upper berth bed as there is very little chance of another person booking in the same cabin as you. You can then sleep in the lower berth bed as well if u wish.

      Towel, floormat, a bottle of mineral water and a packet containing disposable Shaver with shaving cream, toothbrush with toothpaste, shower cap, soap were provided as well.

      However, shampoo is NOT provided.

      Upon reaching JB Sentral, I alighted with all my bags and cleared immigration before boarding the train again and alighting at Woodlands CIQ. at 0700 hrs.

    • 1. No because you are originating your trip from Malaysia, so you will be quoted in RM ratger than SG

      2. No

      3. Your online printout is all you need. That is your ticket. Yes yiu can still collect at any train station if you did not print out.

      4. No. Just thr normal rack above yoyr seat or next to it.

      5. You need to check the site for the latest.

      6. Allow 30 minutes to clear custom.

      7. You can buy it there from an agent, but i do not know where the terminal is.

  20. We group of 38 passengers intend to travel from Singapore to Kul by Train as per the details given below

    No of Pax 38 – 40
    Singapore to Kuala Lumpur one way
    Date of Journey: 17th February 2015
    Time: Morning hours. preferred between 6.30 to 7.30 AM
    A/c Chair Car in the train
    Rao KVR
    Vamsi World Travels.. Vijayawada. INDIA 520 002
    Mobile +91 98490 82711

  21. HI , how do make a reservation for 3 person on 30January and coming back on 2nd feb ? and how much is per person ticket for two way

  22. Hi! I tried booking for 1st class seats in train 24 from woodlands to sentral kuala lumpur january 31, 2015 but there were no seats available. is it fully booked already or it’s not yet open for reservations?

    • Usually u can book 60 days in advance. In this case, i was able to see seats up until 1/7.

      • In late February, I will be booking 2 seats on train 21 Butterworth to Woodlands. I just can’t get to grips with the eticket webite!! I am from the UK but will be in Thailand when I book. If I ring them up, will someone be able to speak good english, so no mistakes are made and where do I pick the tickets up. We want to get the 22.20 sleeper, first or second class.

        Many thanks

        • They speak English well there. Malaysian and Singaporean generally do. The ticket window is 30 day in advance online, that is why you have difficulty.

  23. Hello,
    I am unable to do a reservation from Woodlands – JB Sentral – Sentral KL on 25th December on any Train for 6 adult &1 child. Looks all the Trains are full.
    Please advise what is the other option available.

    Can I book by Singapore Train
    Can I book by Bus

    Thank you & appreciate to hear back from you asap.

    • Yep…train is likely full by now. Of u are lookong for 1 or 2 seats, then ok, but not 7. You should go by bus

  24. Hi! Do you know how many days/month in advance before KTMB E-Ticket system is open for people to book? Im looking around 18 Feb 15

    Thank you so much in advance for your help!

  25. Hi.. I want to ask, I’m an Indonesian traveler, I have a round trip ticket for Malaysia-Indonesia and during my stay in Malaysia I plan to go to Singapore. Can I buy the round trip ticket from KTM Malaysia so that I can get ticket price in Malaysia Ringgit for both tickets?
    Is the train punctual? As I will go directly to catch my plane after I arrive in Malaysia.
    Thank you.

    • U should buy it online now to prevent seats sold out. If you initiate your trip from Malaysia, it will be charged in RM (roundtrip). Train not always on time

  26. Hello
    we tried to make a reservation for JB Sentral to Kuala Lumpur on 11 December 2014 starting at 0830 am. But unfortunately, it was not possible. But also when we tried another date, it did not work. Is it really possible that this train is allready fully booked for all days in December?

    • Just checked. Seats fully booked on that date. We tried 12/25/14 and had no problem booking.

  27. Hi, i am trying to purchase on line train tickets from kuala lumpur to singapore for dec 27. I cannot get through. Can you guide me on how? Thanks

    • We were able to get train 12 – 16:00 from Woodland to Sentral Kuala Lumpur with no problem. You need to change dates, train type, and coach type. It is holiday season and trains are filling up quickly.

  28. Hi! Escape Traveler. I will be at Johore on December 29 and proceed to KL next day. Is it alright to buy my ticket on December 29 at JB Sentral? It may be late already. Please help.

    • Buy online. Trains are filling up right now, even with very limitted seats for 12/25 or end of december.

  29. What about Visa on arrival in Kuala Lumpur – Is it available for Indian nationals.

    I am travelling from India – Singapore – Malaysia

  30. thanks for the info…. i would like to travel from SG and stay in KL about 2D1N (meet the client) than to BKK and stay 2D1N (meet the client) too, what time i should take? thanks

  31. Hi ,
    I have tried to do the booking from JB Sentral to KL Sentral for 3 Adults and 1 Child on 12/12/2014 wth Train No 24 ,but i get stuck with Slot available icon , it’s not respond at all .even thought with so many time attempt ! Pls , give me your advise what i should do for the booking , Thanks .

    • Anna, I don’t have the same issue you do. I wonder why… Have you tried another browser?

      • May i know which browser you are using? Apparently we have thesame issues, thanks

  32. Hello! So this is one way of traveling from SG to KL.. How about traveling from KL to SG around midnight. My friend and I don’t know how we’re going to maximize our time and explore SG and KL in 3 days. OTL We’ll arrive in KL at 0035 on Jan 26 and leave on 30th at 2300.. At first we wanted to travel immediately to SG but trains won’t be available by that time. I need your suggestion. Huhu

    • Yes, you have a similar train leaving KL at 11:30pm and getting to SG in the morning. If you arrive to KL at 0035, you should spend the 1st day in KL, then 2nd day in SG, then back to KL.

  33. Hi ,
    Sorry for the date i have given to you , It ‘s the 12 December and 15 December 2014 . Thanks

  34. Hi ,
    Thanks for your website , i just tried to do the booking for my family with 3 adults and 1 kid from SJ Sentral to Sentral KL on the 12 Nov 2014 with # 24 train and supporting with another booking from Sentral KL to Woodland Singapore on the 15 November 2014 but i couldn’t get through with reservation at the Slot available icon’s point . It didn’t respond at all when i clicked on that icon . With this browser
    Would you let me know what i have to do . Thanks

  35. Hello,
    I am unable to do a reservation from Woodlands – JB Sentral – Sentral KL for Fri, 26th Dec for Train 24 leaving 23.30.
    After entering the passenger details for myself, I am unable to save & move on for additional passengers info, either screen freezes or the dropdown button for seat selection does not show any choices. Can you please help?
    I am also not local to Singapore & would be travelling International, so how do I pick up tickets?
    Thank you & appreciate to hear back from you asap.

    • You can pick up the tickets at the station before your departure. My suggestion is to book over the phone, then pick up your ticket before the departure.

  36. Hi,

    I am currently in Singapore and am looking to get the overnight sleeper train (depart @ 11:55pm) to KL. I have decided to travel as per your suggestion (cheap train from Woodlands to JB Sentral and 1st Class or Deluxe from there to KL Sentral. Ideally, I would like to travel on the Friday night, so as to arrive in KL on Saturday morning and have the whole weekend there, before, sleeper training back to Singapore on Sunday night.

    However, the KTMB website will not allow me to select a coach on a Friday. Do you know whether this particular train only operates on certain days and never runs on a Friday? I am looking to go away at the first weekend of December so surely it isn’t a case of all the tickets already being sold out?! I would be extremely grateful for any help you can provide. Thanks!

  37. Hi. If I buy 2 tickets, 1 from Singapore Woodland to JB Sentral and another one from JB Sentral to KL Sentral, is this in the same train or different train?

  38. Hi, I m planning on taking KL – Singapore train. I am flying from Langkawi to KL and want to go straight to the train station. Would you recommend taking late night train? If so, which one? Also, how can I get from the station in Singapore to my hotel/probably Westin or Hyatt? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Sure…you can take the late night train that leaves at 11:30 pm and arrive jn singapore at 6:30 am. Plenty of cab from Singapore woodland station.

  39. hi..planning to go to KL from Singapore for a day tour. Is there a train trip in going back to Singapore right after our day tour?

  40. hi..planning to KL from Singapore, for a day tour. I found the overnight train trip convenient…is there a train fr KL to Singapore that we can take right after the day tour?

  41. i will travel from sin to kl at 11:50 PM wat is d best

  42. Hi ET,

    Like other people commented on this article I want to go to KL via SG.

    Few Questions:
    * I am staying at Hamilton Road, Where should i get a bus going to Woodlands Terminal?

    * You mentioned on your post that it would be cheaper if we book 2 tickets 1 from Woodlands Train Station to JB sentral and another 1 from JB sentral to KL sentral, My question is, does both rides use the same train (train 24)?

    * Cant book to KTMB site any alternatives?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Follow this link to catch the bus to Woodland.

      Both use same train #24.

      • Thank you for your reply , just saw the post…

        Follow up question:
        In Vivo City, What bus do i take going to Woodlands train station or is it nice to take train any advise?

        Still cant book on KTMB site, it seems the coach option wont load and then passenger option doest work either (btw im here in the philippines and would like to book it ahead) any other alternatives? i need to book it.


  43. Hi just wondering the website for destination if I want to travel from SG to KL which destination should I select? I didn’t saw any KL. And any idea can I travel to KL today’s night?

  44. Hi ET… I just want to ask the full details going in to SG from KL. arrival time at KL is 12:30am and since it’s still dawn, what’s the best time to travel from there? Do we still need to go to Johor baru? Or is there any direct way from KL to Sg? Any currency we need to stick to? Like dollars? do they have any money changer in any station? Please send the full details and it will be much appreciated. Looking forward to your response. -marvic

    • You would need to stay overnight in KL and travel next day. You go straight to woodland, no need to stop at JB. Currently exchange available at KL Sentral

  45. Hi.. I want to ask.. I’ve plan to go to sg from KL. And go back again to KL. Which train that you suggest me to take? I think that I want to take train #12 and #24 becauae of the time.. but when I saq the website, there are another train like #13. What is the differencies? Since both #12 and #13 have same destination.. and my other question is, why do I need to go to johor baru? Because I think the train has gone from and to my destination which is woodland and Kl sentral. Really hope for your suggestion.. thanks before~

    • Lisa, if you start from johor baru, your fare will be quoted in RM and you will pay half price or less. If you start from woodland, it will be quoted in SGD. Would youvprefer to pay 20RM or 20 SGD? You can do either 12 or 13.

  46. KTMB website is impossible to use there is no way to book a train ticket from Singapore to KL on this site I have tried many times any other site?

    • What date, train, cabin u trying to get?

      • Hello,

        I would like to buy two tickets from JB Sentral to Sentral Kuala Lumpur to 4 november but I’ve a problem with a reservation… Although there are a slot available in the train number 24, I get a message that slot available already lock and this situation is repeated all sites. Can You help me??

        • I just tried to do the booking you are looking to do on 11/4. Something is wrong with the site and I get same problem as well. It works on alternative dates. You should call the hotline and book by phone.

          • I make reservation by mail:-) but tell me i have to buy ticket before 21 pm on 4 November, and the Price is 66 myr for 2 tickets, can i receive the tickets in Singapur or i have to go to JB Sentral before that time?

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