Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper

One of the easiest, cheapest, most comfortable way to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is by train.  The trip is about 6-7 hours, cost MYR 33 (USD$10) for 2nd class seat , MYR39 (USD$12.50) for 2nd class sleeper, MYR114-135 (USD$36-43) for 1st class deluxe sleeper (private cabin sleeper with private shower /toilet and LCD TV).   Note that this is cheaper than the 4-5 hr bus ride which cost about USD$24, and definitely cheaper than the cheapest Air ticket you can find.  Plus, train travel usually comes with beautiful scenery of the countryside, munching on train station food, or perhaps a nice/efficient/cheap sleep with an overnight train.

The train is clean, fair condition, good services, and has decent food.  It is very safe, and probably is the safest way to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

It is cheaper to buy the ticket in Malaysia or originate your trip out of the nearest town in Malaysia.  Originating or purchasing tickets in Singapore will cost you 2.5x.  More details on this below under How to Buy tickets.


Currently there are 3 trains from Singapore (Woodlands) to Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral – Sentral Kuala Lumpur)

Train #2 EKSPRES RAKYAT: Depart daily from Woodlands at 9:12AM, arrives to KL Sentral at 2:56PM  (Class 1, 2)

Train #12 EKSPRES SINARAN SELATAN: Depart daily from Woodlands at 2:18PM, arrives to KL Sentral at 8:25PM (Class 1, 2, L, S)

Train #24 SENANDUNG SUTERA: Depart daily from Woodlands at 11:55PM, arrives to KL Sentral at 6:30AM (Class 1, 2, L, F, S)

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper


I recommend the overnight sleeper  (Train 24) which leaves Singapore Woodlands at 11:30PM and gets into Kuala Lumpur at 6:30am, just in time to day tour the city.  This train save you a night of hotel in Singapore and perhaps make your trip a bit more efficient as you are on the move while sleeping.

Key to classes

  • L  or ADNFD = Deluxe sleeper  – 1 or 2-bed compartments with private shower & toilet, air-conditioned.
  • F  or ADNFB = 1st class sleepers – Bed compartments with washbasin, air-conditioned.
  • S or ADNS = 2nd class sleepers – Upper & lower berths with curtains for privacy, air-conditioned.
  • 1 or AFC = 1st class seats – Reasonably luxurious, reclining, air-conditioned.
  • 2 or ASC = 2nd class seats –  Comfortable, air-conditioned.


Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train 2nd Class Sleeper

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Sleeper


Prices as noted at the beginning of the article.   The 2nd class sleeper is a great deal.


How to buy tickets

The easiest , cheapest, and best way to buy the ticket is to just book from  , which you can pay by credit card and print out your own ticket (or collect the tickets at any Malaysian KTM railway station including Singapore Woodlands).  You can also buy it from the station or call the KTM (Malaysian Railways) call centre.

The reservation open 60 days before departure and YES you need to have a reservation (one cannot just hop on and off).

When booking the tickets online, make sure to choose Sentral Kuala Lumpur, not Kuala Lumpur, as those are 2 different stations and your train options are different.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train 1st Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 1st Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Seats

Singapore to KL Train 2nd Class Seats








As noted earlier, if you originate your trip from Singapore as the fare will be done in Singapore dollar and will cost you about 2.5x what it would have cost if you originate from Malaysia.  Basically, you should originate the trip from JB Sentral in Johor Bahru, thus buying tickets from JB Sentral to KL Sentral.  You can then find a way to get from Singapore to JB Sentral.  There are many buses to JB Sentral from downtown Singapore.  Click here for article on Singapore – Woodland – JB Sentral Buses

A simple method that I recommend is just to buy 2 tickets (1 from Singapore Woodland to JB Sentral and another one from JB Sentral to KL Sentral).  This way, you will only be charged more for the short 5 minutes Woodland-JB Sentral section and pay Malaysian cheaper price for the longer JB Sentral-KL Sentral section.  For example, you can buy a 2nd class seat from Woodland-JB Sentral, then 1st class sleeper from JB Sentral-KL Sentral.  Once the train gets to JB Sentral (5 mins ride), then walk over to your 1st class cabin.  Note that as of January 2013, you can no longer buy the short Woodland-JB Sentral portion of your ticket online, but you can still do so in person at Woodland or by phone through the call center and pick up your ticket at Woodland on the day of your travel.  You should be able to just walk up on your day of departure and buy this cheapest 2nd class seat Woodland-JB Sentral portion.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Train

Sleepers Cabin at KL Sentral

Woodlands Train Station Markets

Woodlands Train Station Markets









Note that many web search will say that there are no food/drinks at Woodland station and they recommend you to be prepare with materials from elsewhere.  This is not miss-leading.  It is correct that there are absolutely nothing inside the train station or the ticketing area.  However, 100 meters across the street from the ticketing area, you will find a large shopping center/food complex, where there are many grocery stores, hawker stalls, and plenty of food and tiger beer to keep you spirit alive.

Share your Singapore-KL Train experiences or leave questions/comments below!  Click LIKE if you want to go!

See video of the train cabin and what to expect upon arrival below


  1. Hello, I will be travelling with friends this coming November, entry is in KL but going to SG just upon arrival in KL. Would it be okay to mention to the IO about our itinerary of going to SG. out exit ticket will be in KL. Would it be easier to catch a train going to KL in Woodsland than taking the bus from Singapore? Thank you and more power!

    • Less detail to IO is always better. Just say u are visiting Malaysia, that is it. Either train or bus would work, but depends on your time of travel. We like sleeper train so we can be moving and be in new city in morning.

  2. Hi….i just can’t fine d train ticket fr S’pore to keluang
    Pls help me what is d webside sir?

  3. I cannot book a train from KL to Woodlands……

    • Seats go fast. You virtually have to book the day they become available.
      You can only book 30 days in advance at the web site.

    • It appears that there is a new JB – Singapore shuttle service so you can only book KL to JB then book a separate ticket on the JB-Sing shuttle train. At 7May2016

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  5. Thanks for this useful information!!

  6. Hi there,

    I adore your website. Actually, Im planning to travel From KL Sentral to Singapore. Is it possible to find the schedule in the evening? I dont find any schedule that I want. And i can’t buy the online ticket for round trip?

    • Yes, there are schedules in the evening and you can buy tickets directly online. Follow link on this article.

  7. Is this possible October 25 11:30pm is my aboard going to KL and return on October 28 at SG woodlands evening also my friend is now working in Sg will book my reservation direct on the station in woodlands is this possible?

  8. Hi,

    I am travelling to Singapore, want to visit 1 day to Kualalumpur for 1 day, is there some facility to take visa or some stamping facility. Also what will be the cost of tickets.

  9. would like to enquire.. a family of 3.. 2 adult 1 child travelling.. interested in the private L class… but question is.. is it allowed?

  10. hi,
    we are planning, me and my friend to travel from singapore to KL sentral. so we have to woodlands station first, right? and we buy a ticket in SGD or MYR? thanks:)

  11. I will stay at orchard road and want to travel to KL , pls guide me how to reach train station , where to do custom/immigration ?

    • Muhammad…there is an article on this site on how to get to Woodland. You can follow that.

  12. Hi escapetraveler,

    im just confused. is there any train straight from woodlands to sentral KL, or we really need to go JB 1st and from there going to sentral KL?

    • Evert train has a 5 minute stop in JB. Yes you can book direct from Woodland to Sentral KL, but you will pay 2x the price if you were to book from JB to KL Sentral.

  13. Hi . I m travelling from india to singapore and want to go to kaula lumpur and i have malaysian visa too. Do dey check my visa before i will book tickets?

  14. I’m Indian and working in Malaysia and I have work permit of Malaysia. So my question is can I visit Singapore only for a day or night????

  15. Hi There,

    Am travelling to Malaysia and Singapore in 1st week of Aug and would like to know how to avail train tickets from Malaysia to Singapore for 7 people. Can I buy them online from India ? If so could you please share the link ?

  16. Hi,
    Thanks so much for the insightful information, it helps a lot with my holiday plans. I have one question in regards to visa. I hold an Australian passport and is going to Singapore in December. So one of my work colleague just mention I can take a bus or train from Singapore to Malaysia and that’s how I stumble on your website. Do I need a visa to centre Malaysia? I was planing on doing a 1-2 day tour of Malaysia and return back to Singapore and head to Vietnam. Thanks in advance

    • As Australian, you should not need a visa to enter Malaysia.

    • KK. I did it recently with my Australian passport and no visa needed.
      Where in Malaysia do you wish to go ?

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  18. Hi can i buy ticket on same day of my travel from SG to ML? does rate increase evryday like plain ticket? thanks.

    ML and SG is open visa right? thanks again

  19. Hi

    I m planning to visit singapore in August .. I heard from July there are no direct trains from kl sentral to singapore…is it true ?

  20. I am desperately trying to figure out how to book a ticket from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. When I try they show no availability. Does this mean they are sold out? Im traveling on the 20th of July 2015. If i cant figure this out im going to have to book a flight but id much rather travel by train. HELP

    • Try the 2nd class seats to see if it is bookable.

      • Izzit possible we can ask the traveller agent to book for us the train tickets, I’m also going in on 20th July, stated had coach fully booked but train not but I still can’t book? Advice pls…

  21. Hi! We plan to visit Singapore on a Friday and leave for Malaysia by Saturday night. Are there scheduled trips on a late night Saturday or early Sunday?

  22. Dear escape-traveler,
    very helpful information and neatly explained in an organized way without creating any confusion. Thank you very much. We are planning to visit soon and will make use of this information in booking tickets from woodland to KL (booking @ KL 🙂 )

  23. Phew!! Managed to book 2nd class sleeper for 11 members of my family from Spore to KL on Fri nite 12 Jun 2015 at 2330hrs.

    Unfortunately on the return leg on Mon 15 Jun 2015, wasted lots of time from 0830hrs onwards trying to book on Premier Class seats due to KTM website not supporting Safari’s on McBook!

    Thus have to get my other laptop to book and by the time, seats are all taken up and secured on 2nd class seats only.


  24. Actually, i will go to visit Singapore for 3 days trip a nd i have visa for Singapore, so i want to visit a day to Johor Baru,Malaysia. Can i go for a day without malaysian visa? If idea please let me know the process and costs.

  25. The malaysian train booking system is ‘in one word’ pathetic.
    First class sleeper advised as ‘not available’ so we booked
    JB Sentral to KL Sentral in Second Class sleeper.
    Guess what ? The first class sleeper carriage was on the train and
    almost empty.
    Coming back we decided to try to book it.
    The ticket office at KL Sentral advised we could but had to book
    on day of travel. I tried and was told that there was no First class
    sleeper available.
    Again we found it on the train and almost empty.
    We made enquiries on board and were able to pay the difference.
    A word of advice. These cabins have NOT been refurbished and
    NEVER accept a cabin next to the carriage coupling. The damn thing
    made a horrible banging all night and we just couldn’t sleep.
    Loved KL though.

    • btw the cheapest and I believe fastest way to get from Changi to JB Sentral
      is by MRT to Woodlands, then the number 950 bus from under the station.

  26. Please let me know how I can book Train Tickets for journey from Singapore to KL Sentral? Also please let me have the fares by second class train in the mornings and also return from KL Sentral to Singapore by 2nd class train.
    Our provisional dates are any day in the 3rd week of June and return after 4 days.
    Alo please let me know how I can pay you. Can I pay by Credit Card?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Bachu Kotecha

    • Yes you can book by credit card. You can follow the link on this article to book online.

      • Love how people think you are some kind of travel agent. Great tips, website is poor but works well once you login. I only seem to be able to book a month in advance mind, assume I may have to call for more in advance bookings…

  27. Great article! Thank you very much! I can’t seem to find any sleepers for June 2015 on KTMB reservation system. I read on the earlier comments about the refurbishment of 1st class sleepers. Would you know if also 2nd class sleeper cars have been pulled or could it be that they are sold out? Have you tried the seats in the train? How do they compare to a bus? I saw somewhere that bus takes longer? What about toilets in bus/train? Which would you recommend? Thanks for the reply and greetings from Finland!

    • The 2nd class sleeper is available. The train sleeper is fully flat compare to the bus seat, so you are more comfortable on train. Toilet are the same. We prefer train

  28. Hi,

    Find ur blog very useful and informative. Just a question. I am trying to book a return ticket for KL-Singapore on June 8, 2015 and return the next day, June 9. The KL-Singapore sector is available but the Singapore-KL shows fully booked). But when I checked from JB-KL Sentral, there are available seats. Will it be practical to book one-way ticket for each sector, KL Sentral-Singapore; then one-way ticket from JB Sentral-KL Sentral? Thank u. More power!

  29. Hi, last month i went to singapore for one day trip from KL by senandung sutra second class sleeper. Its very comfortable, clean and safe. I bought the ticket from the ticket window in KL Sentral second floor. Next time i plan to book the ticket online. love your post. Very helpful…

    • Sounds good. I have booked the second class sleeper ( 1st class still not available ). Can you advise where luggage is stored as there doesn’t appear much room where the beds are ?

  30. Is this still running/operational at present? Thanks

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  32. Train #24 SENANDUNG SUTERA
    Does it have a dining car ???

    • I was advised by the call centre that there is a dining car.

  33. Did any of the train got wifi?

    Does anyone know if there is a dining car for Premier seats ?

  35. Planning to travel to Taiping by train from Spore or Woodland Train Checkpoint. Wonder how do I purchase tickets for my family.

  36. Please inform me how to Buy on line Train Tickets from Singapore to sentral Kuala lumpur Train.

  37. Hi! I’ve been looking at the ktmb ticketing system on the website and I can’t seem to find the first class sleepers for senandung sutera anymore! They only seem to have ADSC and ASC. Any idea if they’ve removed the 1st class sleepers for good?

    • also, wondering if you were able to catch sunrise from within the train!

    • I believe it is under repair for past few months

      • that explains why they aren’t available on the website. Thanks for the reply! Also, what sort of food did they have on board?

        • The 1st class sleeper carriage was taken offline for refurbishment in March 2014. They could have built a brand new one by now…lol

  38. Hi.. we are planning to buy a deluxe sleeper ticket woodland to kl, is it possible that it will be sold out hrs bfore the schedule? Is the price for the deluxe sleeper is good for two persons?since it has two bed compartments,,or we will buy two separate tickets for two persons for the deluxe sleeper?

  39. Hi!. I’ll be originating in singapor. And im planning to take last train going to KL, is it possible to buy ticket upon departure? Thankyou

  40. Hi,
    I am arraiving at Singapore from India and want to travel KL by Traing . We are 4 person Myself, Wife , 12 yrs. daughter ,7yrs.son . My queries are –
    a) What is the total Ticket cost from SING- KL of first class & Second class
    b) What you suggest is best for a family .
    C) Where do i need to book my ticket .
    d) Can we book both way ticket
    e) Will we get vegetarian food inside the Train ?

    • 1. Ticket price and booking as noted on the article.
      2. First class ticket is best for the family.
      3. You can book both ways.
      4. Yes, there are vegetarian food on the train.

  41. Hi where abouts do I buy this train ticket? Having trouble finding out info

  42. Can you please guide to book sleeper ticket 1st/2nd class sleeper for travel between Singapore/Kl. I was told that night train does not have any sleeper now a days. Please advise. I am senior citizen.
    C Kamdar

    • Hi, best is to call the call center number. Night train still has sleeper, but the 1st class sleeper srems like may be out for repairs

      • Yes, out for repairs ( refurbishment ) since March 2014
        You can’t rush these things….lol

        • Does anyone know when will the deluxe cabins be back? Because Im planning to travel August of this year.

  43. How is cost for cabins, how many can accommodate? I mean we are 2 adults with 2 kids of 3 yrs.

    • Each cabin can accomodate 2 peoples. 2 3 yrs old may be able to fit, but u neednto call to check.

  44. Hi thank you for your tip, we are planning to take the night train going to KL from JB, we will originate to SG, I saw that you are suggesting to take the 5 min train from woodlands to jb sentral, but can we take the bus directly from SG to JB sentral train station, will it be more cheaper? how many hours/mins it will take if we take a bus from woodlands to Jb sentral? thanks. how many hours would it take me on a friday night to travel from SG to JB sentral?

    • Yes, you should just take bus direct to jb. For friday night, give yourself 3 hrs before delarture to get from SG to JB.

  45. We are travelling from JB SENTRAL TO KL SENTRAL in 2nd class sleeper. I would like to know about place for luggage n safety for luggage. Also about safety for girls?

    • Safe for girls since it is open cabin, no one is going to dare harming you in front of everyone. We always felt very safe on those trains. Place for luggage is next to your bed or at your feet. Bring locks if you dont sleep well and want extra safety for the luggage next to your bed.

      • Thank you escape traveller
        But can you please elaborate luggage place.
        I didnt understand “next to your bed or at your feet”
        As we will be carrying 3 bags n 2 duffles among 3 adults.

        • Next to your bed is a metal cage to store your bags. You can also put it at your feed, but of course that will limit your sleeping space.

  46. Hi,

    did i need to buy online / booked it before to buy the train ticket or just buy it on the spot?
    Is there any chance that if i buy the ticket in the station will be sold out?
    Thanks anyway =)

  47. Hi ,can I check with u that am I able to change my ticket which I brought from kl to jb I wanted to brought kl to singapore

  48. Can i change my ticket from kl to singapore because I buy the wrong ticket…I bought the tickets kl to jb only..

    • U have to call the call center

    • When the train stops in JB your ‘may’ be able to hop off and buy JB-Woodlands ticket(s). Not sure how long the train stops though.

  49. Hi, Did you book your deluxe sleeper online (ktmb website)? Because I am trying to book a deluxe sleeper for a trip 28 days from now but they dont have it. In fact, I have checked 10 different dates and they all have second class night sleepers. I can’t even seem to contact the call centre because I am from Canada. I really wanted to book the deluxe one :/

    • Did you check that the train you want to book has the deluxe sleeper cabin? Not all train does.

    • As regards the overnight train…
      the deluxe sleeper car is being refurbished. Pulled offline October 2014 and still not back in service at 12 March 2015

    • Actually…the sleeper car was pulled off line in MARCH 2014 !! Best not to rush these upgrades I guess…lol

  50. Hi,we are planning,me and my family to travel from JohurBahru to sentral KL by overnight train number 24.we are five persons(2 adults and 3 kids).we wanted to know if we can book only two cabins(1st class).As far as i know each cabin has 2 berth..will our 9 year old be allowed to share our cabin?

    • No….he will not be allowed as he is too old. You can try to hide him in the bathroom when they come to check the ticket, but that is risky

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